This is homepage of ham radio station oh5hba. Info about me and my station, which may interest other ham operators can be found thru menu. This page contains links that I use often in my everyday life. Reason for this site is just for own fun and it helps to find important things when i’m not at my own computer.

Interesting news feeds from different sources:


  • The Moon has fascinated humanity for centuries. These days, though, it’s a trial and a bore to go outside and stare upwards to check on the natural satellite. Instead, why …read more
  • With few exceptions, every field has a pretty modest set of tools that would be considered the minimum for getting most jobs done. A carpenter can make do with tools …read more
  • In the decade-and-a-bit since the first Raspberry Pi was launched we’ve seen an explosion of affordable single-board computers (SBCs), but as the prices creep up alongside user expectation and bloat, …read more
  • When USB first came on the scene, one of the benefits was that essentially any four conductors could get you to the point where you could send information at 12 …read more
  • What is it that compels us about a secret door? It’s almost as if the door itself and the promise of mystery is more exciting than whatever could lay beyond. …read more


  • With a CNC (computer numerical control) embroidery machine, you can sew any custom patterns you want: text, logos, or goofy pictures. But commercial CNC embroidery equipment is expensive and consumer versions often leave a lot to be desired, which is why you might want to check out this write-up by SpaceForOne that explains how to […]
  • The “Arduino Project of the Month” competition continues to bring out the best in our community! We are happy to highlight inventive projects and creative solutions, as well as the generous users who share everything they’ve learned along the way. So let’s hear it for the three entries selected for the month of March!  3. […]
  • The childhood classic tabletop game of Connect Four entails dropping either a red or yellow disc into one of several columns in a grid with the hope of lining up four in a row. And even though the game has existed digitally for a while now, it is mostly played on LCD screens with fancier […]
  • Health tracking is a vital component to recovering after an injury or simply trying to improve one’s own fitness, and although accelerometer-based devices are decent at tracking general activity, they fail to accurately monitor specific areas of the body such as joint movement. This is why a team of researchers from the Singapore University of […]
  • If you’re anything like every other human being on the planet, you have several cordless power tools and their batteries are all dead. You never remember to put the batteries on their chargers until you need the tool for a job only to realize that it won’t turn on. Discipline is difficult, so Lance of […]



  • Music is such an integral part of the human experience. A musical chord can evoke emotion faster than a paragraph. The desire to make music is overwhelming for many of us. Unfortunately, for some, there are obstacles in the way. This project aims to make a modular percussively driven midi interface. This design makes it […]
  • Becky Stern is back with another interesting project that really goes outside the box. This LED wearable is meant to be worn in your hair and pulls inspiration from the mermaids that she saw as a child. It really is interesting how she managed to wrap and shape the wire in a way that this […]
  • I’m a fan of orreries. These little models of our planetary bodies and orbits are truly fascinating and have captured my mind ever since I saw the big mechanical one featured in the movie The Dark Crystal. Give me any orrery and I’m happy. Big mechanical ones, tiny electronic ones, I don’t care. The Illusionmanger […]
  • If there’s anything the modern day maker needs, it is the ability to pop out some weaving when they have a spare few minutes. Imagine you’re taking the subway for your hour long morning commute and you reach into your bag and pull out a fully functional weaving loom. Well, that’s totally possible. This 4 […]
  • Make: Volume 85 is your gateway to the burgeoning DIY music scene! From soldering together your first synth, to modular SDIY, to simple software solutions, join our editorial staff and a modicum of maker musicians to learn how to craft everything from speakers and squeakers to the next club banger. We’ll also be talking R/C […]