This is homepage of ham radio station oh5hba. Info about me and my station which may interest other ham operators can be found thru menu. This page contains links that I use often in my everyday life. Main reason for buildig this site is just for own fun and it helps to find important things when i’m not at my own computer.

Interesting news feeds from different sources:

RSS Hackaday

  • Scratch Building a Supersized CNC Router 28.11.2020
    Many of us have spent the better part of a year on COVID-19 lockdown, and what do we have to show for it? Bit of progress on the Netflix queue? Maybe a (slightly) cleaned up garage or workshop? Not if you’re [Bob] of Making Stuff fame: he’s spent the last …read more
    Tom Nardi
  • This Debug Connector Brings Your Issues to the Edge 28.11.2020
    Given an unknown PCBA with an ARM processor, odds are good that it will have either the standard 10 pin 0.05″ or 20 pin 0.1″ debug connector. This uncommon commonality is a boon for an exploring hacker, but when designing a board such headers require board space in the design …read more
    Kerry Scharfglass
  • Sims-Style Plumb Bob Broadcasts Your Mood 28.11.2020
    While there are a lot of objects from the Sims that we wish were real, we probably wish more than anything that everyone had a mood indicator hovering above their heads at all times. It would make working from home go a lot more smoothly, for instance. [8BitsAndAByte] made this …read more
    Kristina Panos
  • TMD-2: A Bigger, Better, More Collaborative Turing Machine 28.11.2020
    One of the things we love best about the articles we publish on Hackaday is the dynamic that can develop between the hacker and the readers. At its best, the comment section of an article can be a model of collaborative effort, with readers’ ideas and suggestions making their way …read more
    Dan Maloney
  • HackRF PortaPack Firmware Spoofs All the Things 28.11.2020
    The HackRF is an exceptionally capable software defined radio (SDR) transceiver, but naturally you need to connect it to a computer to actually do anything with it. So the PortaPack was developed to turn it into a stand-alone device with the addition of a touchscreen LCD, a few buttons, and …read more
    Tom Nardi
  • An iMac All-In-One’s New Life 28.11.2020
    There’s a sleek form factor for desktop computers known as an “all-in-one” that enrobes a computer in a monitor. While the convenience of having all your computing in a neat package has some nice benefits, it comes with an unfortunate downside. Someday the computer inside is going to be old …read more
    Matthew Carlson
  • He’s the Operator of His Pocket Arduino 28.11.2020
    The band Kraftwerk hit the music scene with its unique electronic sound in the 70s in Germany, opening the door for the electronic music revolution of the following decade. If you’re not familiar with the band, they often had songs with a technology theme as well, and thanks to modern …read more
    Bryan Cockfield


  • Controlling a gas convection heater with a custom thermostat 27.11.2020
    Redditor “Higgs8” had a gas convection heater that is (or was) controlled manually, but they wanted something a bit more. To accomplish this, they came up with a small Arduino-based thermostat. This allows you to set the desired temperature using a potentiometer, and it senses the current temperature value via a DS18B20 thermometer unit. It then […]
    Arduino Team
  • Arduino psychic ‘magically’ guesses random numbers 26.11.2020
    Standard Arduino Nanos can be used for many purposes, but they do not feature wireless capabilities. Somehow, though, Hari Wiguna’s Arduino psychic system is apparently able to pass data between two of them. No external communication hardware is implemented, yet one Nano is able to recognize when a random number chosen on the other Nano […]
    Arduino Team
  • Control a wheelchair using an EEG headset and Arduino 25.11.2020
    In an effort to help provide paralyzed patients with an easier way to operate their wheelchairs, these makers have developed a system that uses an OpenBCI brainwave cap to collect electroencephalogram (EEG) and electromyography (EMG) signals, literally from a user’s head. Data is then sent to a PC running OpenBCI software and passed along to […]
    Arduino Team
  • These cornhole boards react to your bean bag tosses 25.11.2020
    The lawn game of cornhole has seen a surge in popularity over the last couple of decades. But if you’ve ever thought about raising its cool factor, then YouTuber Hardware Unknown has just what you’ve been waiting for: light and audio effects that react to your throws. Hardware Unknown’s foldable boards each feature an Arduino Nano […]
    Arduino Team
  • A military-looking cyberdeck with a built-in Geiger counter 25.11.2020
    Combining cosplay and actual science, as well as an origin story that entails the two, this R.A.T.I.S. (Remote Assault and Tactical Intelligence System) cyberdeck by Paul Hoets is a true retrofuturistic work of art. The build supposedly has its roots in the 1970s South African nuclear program, where it was used for radiation measurement and encrypted satellite […]
    Arduino Team
  • This remote-controlled storytelling apparatus is made up of Arduino-driven toy animatronics 24.11.2020
    As an exhibit at the Phaneo Science Center in Wolfsburg, Germany, Niklas Roy and Felix Figus created a remotely-operated storytelling apparatus dubbed “Smart Fairy Tale.” When initiated, a little red ball rolls down the installation’s transparent tubing, triggering different interactions based on the interruption of light sensors along its path. 25 Arduino Nanos are used […]
    Arduino Team
  • Homemade recycling rig turns plastic waste into new products 24.11.2020
    While that plastic cup, bag, dish, or other item may have served its purpose, more than likely it could be formed into something new. With this in mind, the SOTOP-Recycling team of Manuel Maeder, Benjamin Krause, and Nadina Maeder developed an automated injection molding machine that can be built at home and is small enough […]
    Arduino Team
  • Monitor your heart rate while asleep with ZazHRM 20.11.2020
    Have you ever wondered what your heart rate looked like when you were catching some Zs? Or perhaps you would like to check up on how someone nearby is sleeping, without actually disturbing that person. The ZazHRM monitoring system by Alan Do lets you do both, with a pulse sensor hooked up to an Arduino […]
    Arduino Team
  • What’s not to love about this realistic beating heart? 20.11.2020
    Your heart is an amazing organ, pumping blood through your body and literally keeping you alive. However, building a realistic model of one — as explained in this write-up by Holiday McAllister — can actually be pretty simple. Here, silicone is poured into a four-inch heart mold to create the structure, partially hollowed out to accommodate a […]
    Arduino Team
  • Transgender Awareness Week: spreading gender awareness in the Arduino community 20.11.2020
    Transgender Awareness Week, which culminates today with the Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), aims at raising the visibility of the transgender and gender non-conforming people, and address the issues their community faces. At Arduino, we believe that technology should improve the lives of everyone, regardless of their gender, sexuality, race, age, ability, nationality, and body. Being […]
    Arduino Team

RSS Make Magazine

  • 10 Tips for Converting a 3D Printer to Pellet Extrusion 25.11.2020
    Make the switch from extruded filament to closed-loop recycled plastic pellets with these helpful tips Read more on MAKE The post 10 Tips for Converting a 3D Printer to Pellet Extrusion appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
    Craig Couden
  • Plan C Live: Mind The Mask 25.11.2020
    This long holiday weekend is expected to challenge everyone’s resolve to stay safe.  We talk with Sabrina Paseman of about wearing masks, which types of masks work best, and which do not offer the best protection from COVID-19. We’ll also talk about why masks remain the best defense against […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Jennifer Blakeslee
  • Low Tech Pewter Casting In The Kitchen 23.11.2020
    Last month we shared an incredibly impressive example of how you can do some pewter casting with a laser cutter. Since pewter melts at a relatively low temperature, materials like MDF can withstand the heat wel enough to be a decent mold. However, that tutorial really needed a laser to […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft
  • 4 Tips and Tricks For Faux Enamel Pins With The Xtool Laserbox 20.11.2020
    I got really excited when I found out we were partnering with xTool, to show off their Laserbox Pro. It’s a very nice desktop laser, and you know how much I love lasers, so I was pretty pumped. I’ve also had a project in mind I’ve wanted to do for […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft
  • Make:Cast – How Hard Can It Be? 20.11.2020
    In this episode, I talk with Tim Deagan in his garage workshop in Austin, TX.  He says his lifelong motto has been: "How Hard Can It Be?", even though he has repeatedly learned that most things are indeed harder than they initially look. We talk about creating Flame Effects, Propane Patio Heaters and the resurgence […]
    Dale Dougherty
  • Remote Camera Doorbell And Smart Lock With Raspberry Pi 19.11.2020
    Introduction: In the last tutorial, we went through an introduction to building a Raspberry Pi Camera Stream and viewing a live stream from any client device. We’re taking this one step further and making our own ‘DIY Ring Doorbell,’ and we’ll name this the ‘Pi Smart Doorbell.’ The Smart Doorbell […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Make Community
  • Cool Crowdfunding: TWO 3DPrinters With Infinite Z-Axis, And An Educational IoT Badge 18.11.2020
    We receive so many pitches for crowdfunding projects. They pour into our inbox daily. Since crowdfunding is a bit of a gamble, it is always kind of hard to determine just how to write about these projects, considering that many of them may not ever deliver. Cool Crowdfunding is our […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft
  • The Open Book and the E-Book FeatherWing 18.11.2020
    Solder your own e-reader for books and texts in every language Read more on MAKE The post The Open Book and the E-Book FeatherWing appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
    Craig Couden
  • This Copper Electroforming Kit Is Just Cool 17.11.2020
          Copper Electroforming Kit $155–$250 Electroforming with this kit is just cool! It feels like equal parts science and magic, combining chemistry and electricity and the decorative arts to transform pretty much any small design into copper metal. In my case, it’s also a fun learn-at-home activity that can […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Keith Hammond
  • Plan C Live: Pivoting to Entrepreneurship 14.11.2020
    A strong entrepreneurial spirit runs through the maker community. Along with artisanal makers and crafters, as well as industrial designers and mechanical engineers, figuring out how to apply your skills to produce an income is a essential reality for many in the community. In this Plan C Live, we are […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Jennifer Blakeslee