This is homepage of ham radio station oh5hba. Info about me and my station, which may interest other ham operators can be found thru menu. This page contains links that I use often in my everyday life. Reason for this site is just for own fun and it helps to find important things when i’m not at my own computer.

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  • Modern engineering is increasingly cross-disciplinary, so today’s students often take courses that would have seemed to be “outside their field” a couple of decades ago. Pelochus and their classmates at the University of Granada are studying computer engineering, but had a class that challenged them to build battlebots in order to get some hands-on learning […]
  • Remote control cars have been popular toys for children and adults alike for decades now. And while there is plenty of fun to be had cruising around, a little bit of healthy competition can add another layer of enjoyment. To race or practice racing, you’ll want some way to time your laps. If you don’t […]
  • A few months ago, we promised you that the GIGA R1 WiFi would allow you to “think bigger and be more creative than ever”. Now, we are happy to announce you can step up your game even further, with the introduction of the Arduino GIGA Display Shield — an innovative touchscreen solution enabling all makers […]
  • String art is impressive precisely because it is so difficult to make. Even a simple piece of string art will contain hundreds of feet of thread carefully looped around posts to create areas of varying density that act as shading. Everything from calculating the string’s path to physically laying down the string is a challenge. […]
  • Good old-fashioned tabletop games are a lot of fun to play, but they’re a pain in the butt to set up. We all know the pain of divvying out Monopoly money and organizing tiny plastic houses. Connect Four players might spend as much time organizing pieces between games as they do actually playing. To facilitate […]



  • We're pulling out all the stops and bringing in some impressive items. This one is my personal favorite though! The post My Favorite Huge Flaming Sculpture Is Coming To Bay Area Maker Faire appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
  • For many of you out there, you recall the idea that a 3D printer could -in theory – 3d print itself. That’s more or less the basis of the whole RepRap project that most home based 3d printers were born out of. This project takes that concept and turns it at a new angle! It […]
  • The new Raspberry Pi 5 shows a 2-3x performance increase over the previous model in our hands-on testing — read on for full specs and exclusive coverage! The post Say Hello To The Raspberry Pi 5 appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
  • You can learn more about making games than you ever have before at Maker Faire Rome The post Learn From Gaming In The EdTech Area of Maker Faire Rome appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
  • I really love the different ways that the Arm development hub helps me get the info I need, when I need it. The post Diving Into Arm Development with the New Arm Developer Hub appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.