This is homepage of ham radio station oh5hba. Info about me and my station, which may interest other ham operators can be found thru menu. This page contains links that I use often in my everyday life. Reason for this site is just for own fun and it helps to find important things when i’m not at my own computer.

Interesting news feeds from different sources:



  • Heart disease is the most common cause of death — not just in industrialized countries, but for the world as a whole. Many deaths caused by heart failure could be prevented if the patient received medical care sooner, but people are often unaware of impending heart failure until it actually occurs. However, there are physiological […]
  • Automated weaving machines are one of the most important (and underappreciated) advancements to come from the industrial revolution. Prior to their invention, most people only owned a few garments that were woven and maintained by the family. With the introduction of machines able to churn out textiles, affordable clothing suddenly became available. As an expert […]
  • While our philosophy is all about the democratization of technology, we are well aware that businesses and professional users have specific needs: that’s why our Pro business unit is entirely focused on catering to them, with dedicated solutions that meet the strictest requirements for performance and security. And after growing our Arduino Pro hardware portfolio […]
  • Peter Balch visited a robot exhibit at his local museum and noticed that one of the most popular pieces was a robot head that would track and mimic visitors’ faces. That was so interesting that Balch decided to replicate the project in order to learn how it was done. To do that, he first needed […]
  • Back in the 1980s, there existed a piece of hardware called the “TVGuardian,” which would attempt to censor incoming video in real-time. As recently covered by the wonderful YouTube channel Technology Connections, the TVGuardian reads captioning data as it’s sent and then replaces the bad word(s) with an alternative phrase and also mutes the audio. Upon […]



  • While attending Maker Faire Lille, I was happy to meet Mimi, an artist that got the bright idea to use discarded face masks as raw material for fashion. Mimi saw the piles and piles of used masks that were going into landfills all over and thought that she could make a statement about disposable fashion […]
  • Manufacturer: Meyer Makes URL: Price: $72.61 Resin based 3D prints are notoriously brittle, even when advertised as tough. Meyer Makes Engineering Resin surprised me though, with how durable it really is. Right off the printer, this stuff looks yellowish but gets clearer as it cures. The durability is really impressive. Thin parts can flex and bend […]
  • Meet Phillis Gene, a vintage Chevrolet Deluxe that just got a one-of-a-kind redesign by Texas-based metal artist Rae Ripple. “I wanted to keep that real classy lady feel, so that’s where the lace came in,” Ripple says of her work, commissioned by a rat rod enthusiast and named after his mother. “I guess if you were going […]
  • If you’ve ever used a flight-tracking app or looked up local weather on Weather Underground, you’ve likely accessed data supplied, in part, by volunteer contributors. Crowd-sourced data exchanges collect this information and share the pooled results online via interactive maps. The data ranges from radio-signal telemetry for airplanes, ships, weather balloons, or satellites, to seismic measurements, to air […]
  • With how important desktop and laptop computers are to the world today, it’s hard to imagine that, not too long ago, they used to be the size of refrigerators and entire rooms. However, Nicolas Temese has found a way to keep the memory of these gigantic machines alive — by shrinking them down to a fraction of […]