This is homepage of ham radio station oh5hba. Info about me and my station which may interest other ham operators can be found thru menu. This page contains links that I use often in my everyday life. Main reason for buildig this site is just for own fun and it helps to find important things when i’m not at my own computer.

Interesting news feeds from different sources:

RSS Hackaday

  • In-vest-ing in Menopause 23.09.2020
    Most of us reach for an over-the-counter medicine if we have occasional pain, but menopause doesn’t act like that. Hot flashes don’t build like a headache, dizzy spells don’t wait for a good time, and panic attacks don’t announce themselves. Predicting and addressing sudden hormone shifts is the intent behind …read more
    Brian McEvoy
  • Community Testing Suggests Bias in Twitter’s Cropping Algorithm 23.09.2020
    With social media and online services are now huge parts of daily life to the point that our entire world is being shaped by algorithms. Arcane in their workings, they are responsible for the content we see and the adverts we’re shown. Just as importantly, they decide what is hidden …read more
    Lewin Day
  • How To Create Hermetically Sealed Electrical Connections 23.09.2020
    [Eric Strebel] is no stranger to pressure and vaccum tanks, regularly using them for all manner of resin casting jobs for his product design business. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to run equipment within a pressure tank, such as for rotomoulding or other similar jobs. In order to get power …read more
    Lewin Day
  • Hard Disk Drives Have Made Precision Engineering Commonplace 23.09.2020
    Modern-day hard disk drives (HDDs) hold the interesting juxtaposition of being simultaneously the pinnacle of mass-produced, high-precision mechanical engineering, as well as the most scorned storage technology. Despite being called derogatory names such as ‘spinning rust’, most of these drives manage a lifetime of spinning ultra-smooth magnetic storage platters only …read more
    Maya Posch
  • Teleconferencing Like It’s 1988: Connecting Vintage Hardware to Zoom 23.09.2020
    Hang up your car phone and toss that fax machine in the garbage. Even back in the late 80s it was possible to do away with these primitive technologies in favor of video conferencing, even though this technology didn’t catch on en masse until recently. In fact, Mitsubishi released a …read more
    Bryan Cockfield
  • Displaying Incoming Server Attacks by Giving Server Logs a Scoreboard 23.09.2020
    In the server world, it’s a foregone conclusion that ports shouldn’t be exposed to the greater Internet if they don’t need to be. There are malicious bots everywhere that will try and randomly access anything connected to a network, and it’s best just to shut them off completely. If you …read more
    Bryan Cockfield
  • This DIY Drill Press Is Very Well Executed 23.09.2020
    Plenty of projects we see here could easily be purchased in some form or other. Robot arms, home automation, drones, and even some software can all be had with a quick internet search, to be sure. But there’s no fun in simply buying something when it can be built instead. …read more
    Bryan Cockfield


  • Making a random sound diffuser with Arduino 23.09.2020
    Humans are generally quite bad at coming up with random patterns, so when Jeremy Cook wanted to make a sound diffuser with angled blocks of wood, he created a “pseudorandomness console” using an Arduino Uno and an LCD shield. This helped him with the placement of its 216 angled segments, which are colored in one […]
    Arduino Team
  • Convert an old cassette player into a synthesizer 22.09.2020
    Cassettes (if you remember those) are normally used to play back music and other audio, but what about using an old Walkman-style tape player as the instrument itself? That’s exactly what this project by Zack Scholl allows you to do, varying the playback speed to modify pitch output. It’s a very simple setup, requiring one to hook up […]
    Arduino Team
  • These geodesic RGB LED spheres are absolutely stunning 21.09.2020
    While this project took him over 100 hours to complete, creator Whity claims that his glowing geodesic domes were worth the effort. As seen below, each dome is able to light up its triangular faces using WS2812B programmable LEDs embedded inside. The effect is mesmerizing on video, and has to be even more so in […]
    Arduino Team
  • A MKR ZERO-based volume controller for your PC 18.09.2020
    While some keyboards provide media keys or even knobs to adjust your overall computer sound up and down, often what you really want is the ability to tune program volumes separately. To make this extremely easy, SNR Tech Bytes has come up with a beautifully-designed controller, which runs on the MKR ZERO. The device features five encoders […]
    Arduino Team
  • Monitor water quality anywhere in the world with WaterAid 18.09.2020
    Clean water is one of our most precious resources, but identifying sources of pollution often means expensive equipment. This can also mean taking multiple water quality readings and somehow aggregating them together to be easily usable. As a solution to both problems, Andrei Florian has developed WaterAid — which was recently named a finalist in this […]
    Arduino Team
  • KAUDA is a low-cost, highly-efficient robotic arm 16.09.2020
    Would you like your own industrial robot arm, but don’t have tens of thousands of dollars to spend? You could instead build Giovanni Lerda’s KAUDA, a five-axis device that uses under 800g of PLA, an Arduino Mega, and other off-the-shelf parts. KAUDA utilizes servos to actuate the two wrist joints, along with a NEMA 17 […]
    Arduino Team
  • Optical drive plays large wooden discs 16.09.2020
    Optical media normally contains information in the form of 1s and 0s that are much too small to be seen by the human eye. This can make understanding their operation less than straightforward. To solve this problem, Jon Bumstead constructed an Arduino Nano-controlled player that uses wooden discs, with holes and solid sections large enough […]
    Arduino Team
  • Magpie MIDI is an adaptive harmonica-style computer interface 15.09.2020
    For those with certain physical restrictions, interfacing with a computer can be a difficult task. As a possible solution, Shu Takahashi and Pato Montalvo have come up with the Magpie MIDI hands-free interface. The adaptive tool, inspired in part by a harmonica, has 13 air holes that enable its user to “sip” and “puff” all 26 letters […]
    Arduino Team
  • Get ready to Explore IoT with Arduino Education 15.09.2020
    This week we are launching our Arduino Explore IoT Kit, which allows high school and college students to take their first steps in building connected devices. Educators can make a complex subject simple — explore the Internet of Things right now with Arduino Education.  Aimed at the beginner, there is a complete set of easy-to-follow online […]
    Arduino Team
  • Explore the backyard and beyond with this FPV RC vehicle 14.09.2020
    If you want to build your own first-person view RC rover for some backyard exploration, this design by “MoreMorris” is a great place to start. The tank-esque vehicle features a 3D-printed frame, including print-in-place tracks, and is able to traverse rough terrain as seen in the video below. Meanwhile, a servo-mounted FPV camera on top […]
    Arduino Team

RSS Make Magazine

  • R/C Garbage Can Zombie 23.09.2020
    Build the scariest prop in town and have more fun than your kids this Halloween, with this drivable update of a classic Read more on MAKE The post R/C Garbage Can Zombie appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
    Craig Couden
  • Plan C Live: Developing an Open Source Ecosystem for Medical Hardware 22.09.2020
    Innovation is often born from adversity. Despite its many horrors, the pandemic has generated some beautiful human stories from collective efforts to address the crisis. One such story recounts tens of thousands of persons self-organizing into unpaid teams to address the pandemic by successfully making and distributing personal protective equipment […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Jennifer Blakeslee
  • The Pandemic-inspired Case for an Open-Source Medical Hardware Ecosystem 22.09.2020
    The pandemic has been horrible; but it has created beautiful human stories. One such story recounts tens of thousands of persons self-organizing into unpaid teams to address the pandemic by successfully making and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) Read more on MAKE The post The Pandemic-inspired Case for an Open-Source Medical Hardware Ecosystem appeared first on […]
    Dale Dougherty
  • Open Source Hardware Certifications For August 2020 21.09.2020
      Hello Makers, In the month of August we had 14 newly certified open-source hardware. Today I will introduce each of them to you. I hope it may help you in the next project or product. The first piece of open source hardware is from Great Scott Gadgets: the HackRF […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Make Community
  • Build an Animatronic Raven Kit 19.09.2020
      Animatronic Raven DIY Kit $255–$375, Mr. Chicken’s Prop Shop, Pololu Mini Maestro Servo Controllers $30–$50, Pololu Robotics and Electronics, Here’s an awesome small-batch kit that’s got all the hardware and feathers you need to assemble a well-articulated animatronic raven that would fit into any imagineer’s menagerie. Includes […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Keith Hammond
  • Learn How To Get The Most Out Of Make: Projects 18.09.2020
      Learning is best done with people, not for them. It is most effective when learners are participants rather than recipients. The central element in promoting learning, therefore, is promoting relationships—teacher-pupil relationships; peer-to-peer relationships; and children’s relationships with siblings, mentors, and role models. All the traditional and high-tech resources of […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Dale Dougherty
  • DIY Fog Projection Screen 16.09.2020
    Low-cost and lightweight, this indoor-outdoor screen looks awesome and adapts to the weather Read more on MAKE The post DIY Fog Projection Screen appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers.
    Craig Couden
  • Titancraft Lets You Create Custom Creatures For 3D Printing 15.09.2020
    I’m always looking for interesting now sources for fun 3d prints.  This fun little site called Titancraft Minis popped up and I hopped in to give it a try and was blown away! You can create and customize monsters, then download them for free (or have them printed and shipped). […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft
  • Building A Portable Air Quality Monitor 15.09.2020
    Air quality is on a lot of people’s minds right now, especially if you’re on the West coast of the US. Mike Winter was putting together a system to measure and display the air quality and had an idea to make it portable and partially wrist mounted. His results were […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft
  • Quick Look: The Tormach XS Tech CNC Router 14.09.2020
    We finally got a chance to play with Tormach’s desktop learning system.  this was a fun little piece of equipment and presented some interesting approaches to a desktop milling experience. Tormach looks to be focusing mainly on education with this unit. It ships not only with the mill but with […] Read more on MAKE […]
    Caleb Kraft