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Weekly DX report from DX-info.de

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Ham-radio Newsfeeds

Southgate Amateur Radio News
Make More Miles on VHF
eHam.net Newsfeed

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Radio propagation

Radio propagation forecasts and data links

DXinfoCentre.com – William Hepburns tropo forecast
F5LEN – Tropo forecast
Voacap.com Guide & online prediction tools

SolarHAM.com – All of your solar and aurora needs in one place! by VE3EN
Aurorainfo.eu – Aurora monitoring site
Jemma.mobi – Mobilefriendly dashboard for Aurorahunters
SunsoptWatch.com – Radio Propagation : Space Weather : Sunspot Cycle Information
WM7D.net – WM7D’s Solar Resource Page
SpaceWeatherLive.com – Real time suroral and solar activity
SunspotsWatch.com – Propagation and space weather

Auroras Now – Service by Finnish Meteorological Institute
Magnetometers – FMI Realtime magnetometer data
Nowcast – One hour forecast for magnetic activity

NOAA SWPC – Space Weather Prediction Center

Ham links

ITU summary of allocations
K4UTE – Prefix and manager finder
DXCluster.info – DX Cluster resources
NCDXF.org – International Beacon Project transmission schedule
AMSAT-UK / BATC – Es’hail-2 Qatar-OSCAR 100 WebSDR
SDR.hu OpenWebRX – SDR receivers from all around the world
RepeaterBook.com – World Wide Repeater DB
Time.is – Check Your clock accuracy
W1HKJ.com – Sights & Sounds of Digital Modes
IARU Bandplans

HamAtlas.eu – Internet HAM Atlas
NS6T.net – Create azimuthal map for any location
JF9EXF HamMaps – Ham radio maps
IOTA-World.org – IOTA Mapping Project
IZ3MEZ WW locator – Find locator Google maps
Levinecentral.com – Maidenhead locator map

ON4KST.com – The Amateur radio chat
Mmmonvhf.de – Make More Miles on vhf
DXMaps.com – realtime QSO information
VHFDX.de – The DK5YA vhf page, World of DX above 50MHz
70mhz.org – The Four Metres Website
VHFDX.eu – Dxcluster Backbone of MMMonVHF.de
F5LEN.org – tropo forecast for VHF & UHF
AMSat-UK – Radio Amateur Satellites

CQWW.com – CQWW Contests page
WA7BNM Contest Calendar – customizable
PSKReporter.de – Good Contest Calendar
CW Operators Club – CWT Contests
SM3CER – Contest Service

DX-World.net – DX News Service for DX’ers and IOTA enthusiasts
DX-World.net – featured DX-peditions timeline
Www.dx-info.com – Daily updated dx informations
DXNews.com – More than just DX news
NG3K.com – Announced dx-operations
OPDX Bulletin – internet edition
DX.qsl.net – Log Searches
Voacap.com – Voacap Quick guide & online tools

Propagation Reporters
WSPRnet.org – Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network
PSKReporter.info – Digimode Automatic Propagation Reporter
PSKreporter.de – DL3DCW project to provide an improved tabular overview
Reverse Beacon Network

WA7BNM Contest Calendar

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